Sustainable Environment includes 11 recommendations across 5 sub-categories: Clean Water, Clean air + Energy, Neighborhoods, Land Conservation, and Eco Education. The chart below highlights the status of the 11 recommendations. Scroll down to the Recommendation Tracker for details. Status information reflects the community's work toward each recommendation.

Recommendation Highlight - Emerald Ash Borer Readiness Plan #B3b - link to the map

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Recommendation tracker

Sustainable Environment: 11 recommendations


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Clean Water


Complete and monitor Bee Branch Watershed Flood Mitigation - B1a
Implement the Catfish Creek Watershed Management Plan  - B1b


Continue the efforts of the Bee Branch Watershed Flood Mitigation Project to mitigate health and environmental hazards in Washington, Point, and North End neighborhoods.   B1a - Coordinator: Deron Muehring,

► Status: Underway

  • Lower and Upper Branches of Bee Branch Creek Complete. See the December 2020 Update newsletter.
  • Connection of two branches slated for Summer 2021.
  • National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium (NMRMA) Mussel Drop in 2020 to improve health of the creek.
  • Multicultural Family Center's Summer Teen Employment Program (STEP) Program engaging youth in stewardship days, in partnership with the City and NRMRA.
  • City Council Priority Alignment 2021-2023:
    • Bee Branch Watershed Project: Next Steps


Continue to implement the Catfish Creek Watershed Management Plan to protect creeks, sensitive ecological habitats, and promote conservation-minded development.   B1b - Coordinator: Eric Schmechel,

► Status: Complete/Ongoing

  • Plan implementation continues, and has evolved to include a Nutrient Reduction Program, a partnership of the City, County (under the Soil & Water Conservation District) and Iowa Department of Natural Resources. It serves as the first of it's kind in Iowa and a model for other communities.
  • In August 2020, the City of Dubuque hosted a Farmer Field Day. Check out the videos created about the Nutrient Reduction Program:
  • Get the downstream view with the Mississippi River Watershed Report Cards:
  • City Council Priority Alignment 2021-2023:
    • Sewer System Infrastructure Upgrade (including Catfish Creek Sanitary Sewer System)
Clean Air + Energy
Land Conservation