Land Use includes a total of 24 recommendations across 7 sub-categories: Single-Family, Multi-Family, Mixed-Use, Institutional, Commercial, Industrial, and Parks. The bar chart below highlights the status of the 24 recommendations. Scroll down to the Recommendation Tracker for details. Status information reflects the community's work toward each recommendation.

Recommendation Highlight - Attract large employment centers with access to infrastructure - G6a

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Recommendation tracker

Land Use: 24 recommendations


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Single Family


Promote access to education, recreation, and services in all neighborhoods - G1a
Link neighborhoods via trails and open space - G1b
Integrate development into the environment - G1c


Serve neighborhood needs such as education, housing, and recreation equitably while maintaining a viable, livable atmosphere and reducing environmental impacts. G1a - Coordinator: Shena Moon,

► Status: Completed/Ongoing

  • New residential subdivisions: BlueSky, Rustic Point, South Point.
  • Housing TIFs are providing incentives for building in Dubuque and are generating funds for affordable housing.


Integrate future neighborhoods into Dubuque via access to trails, open space, and other recreational and educational amenities and connections to needed goods and services. G1b - Coordinator: Shena Moon,

► Status: Project Underway

  • New subdivisions are incorporating walkability and natural amenities: Rustic Point and South Point.
  • Walking/biking trails are being developed and extended using grant funding.


Integrate new development into the natural environment by protecting significant woodland, prairie, and wetland areas and avoiding steep slopes. G1c - Coordinator: Shena Moon,

► Status: Project Underway

  • Unified Development Code and site design standards enable and encourage imaginative solutions for development.
  • Flood plain regulation protects watersheds from stormwater, erosion, siltification, and surface pollutants.
  • Developers utilize Sustainable Subdivision Development Tools to incorporate preservation of natural areas, reduction of impervious surfaces, stormwater management, and solar orientation.
Multi Family
Mixed Use


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