Community Facilities includes a total of 13 recommendations across 3 sub-categories: Infrastructure, Public Safety, and Municipal. The bar chart below highlights the status of the 13 recommendations. Scroll down to the Recommendation Tracker for details. Status information reflects the community's work toward each recommendation.

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Community Facilities: 13 recommendations


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Expand sanitary sewer system to meet needs - E1a
Address water system needs / address future growth - E1b
Integrate Vernon Township and Barrington Lakes water systems - E1c
Update the city-wide stormwater management ordinance - E1d
Expand fiber optic network access - E1e
Monitor progress toward environmental goals - E1f


Continue to expand the sanitary sewer collection system to meet growth needs, particularly in proximity to the Southwest Arterial, the West End, and the South Port. E1a - Coordinator: Todd Irwin,

► Status: Getting Started

  • Interceptor sewers need right-sizing for future growth.
  • Annexation study for the South Port and other areas address sewer, but these are more dependent on actual needs once identified. The study helps outline the potential, but not the actual needs.
  • The City is searching for a consultant to design improvements to the Dubuque Water & Resource Recovery Center's anaerobic digestion system, a project currently estimated at $3 million. Since the digester was installed in 2013, the upgrade save the city approximately $624,000 per year in operational expenses. The current operation is operating at full capacity and the modification will help increase capacity to meet increasing needs. (February 2022)
  • City Council Priority Alignment 2021-2023:
    • Sewer System Infrastructure Upgrade (including Catfish Creek Sanitary Sewer System)


Utilize the results of the water system dynamic model (currently under development) to identify current needs, as well as plan for future growth of the community. E1b - Coordinator: Chris Lester,

► Status: Complete/Ongoing

  • The dynamic water model is in use, improving water pressure, providing balanced stability and fire suppression, and more effective use of water towers and tanks.
  • By moving water more efficiently, there is less aging of water and improved quality. The model helps report back with water main break data, identifying breaks, material, age, elevation and whether there is a need for air release.


Continue the integration of the former Vernon Township and Barrington Lakes water systems into the overall City of Dubuque system. E1c - Coordinator: Chris Lester,

► Status: Complete/Ongoing

  • Project is completed and meeting expansion needs.


Update the city-wide stormwater management ordinance to guide future growth and development and to address onsite infiltration and sustainable development practices. E1d - Coordinator: Deron Muehring,

► Status: Getting Started

  • A plan to update the ordinance by Spring 2022 would include water quality best management practices are required as a part of new development when feasible.
  • The City continues partnerships to create responsive approaches to watersheds throughout the community, to better manage runoff and reduce pollution.
  • City Council Priority Alignment 2021-2023:
    • Sewer System Infrastructure Upgrade (including Catfish Creek Sanitary Sewer System)


Continued expansion of fiber optic access throughout the community. E1e - Coordinator: Dave Lyons,

► Status: Project Underway

  • Broadband Planning Team, led through Greater Dubuque Development Corporation, strives toward redundancy of service for business areas (at 100%) and the goal of 100% coverage at homes.
  • The continued laying of fiber increases access across the community and creates healthy competition, which lowers pricing and increases service for consumers and businesses.
  • Redundancy is good, especially for fire and Emergency Management Services (EMS) which cannot afford to lose signal. Both private sector and City fiber are installed, and in some cases each may share with the other.
  • Fiber optics have the opportunity to support all types of systems through Dubuque. For water delivery, it's an improvement from radio, helping with monitoring, breaks, towers, pump and lift stations. By helping to monitor, it prevents breaks and costs.
  • Learn more about the community's need for broadband and its work to utilize data to make the case for strengthening it's broadband capacity through an article published by ESRI. (October 2021)
  • City Council Priority Alignment 2021-2023:
    • Community Broadband Expansion


Partner with Green Dubuque and other similar organizations to define metrics to monitor progress on environmental goals as outlined in the 50% by 2030 Climate Action and Resiliency Plan. E1f - Coordinator: Gina Bell,

► Status: Project Underway

  • More about the 50% by 2030 Plan is available here. Green Dubuque and community members were engaged to update the plan in 2019.
  • A 2014 update revealed that the community had reduced their GHG emissions 11% since 2003.
  • A 2019 update reports a 27% reduction in GHG emissions since 2003.
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