What does Dubuque stand for? Economic prosperity, check. Environmental integrity, check. Social vibrancy, most definitely.

Each year, Dubuque’s City Council goes through a goal-setting process to reaffirm the City’s vision, mission and goals. The following are a reflection of this refinement and objectives ahead. More information on City Council Goals and Priorities can be found here.

Dubuque is a community that values…


Economic Prosperity

Diversify Dubuque’s economy by retaining, expanding and growing local businesses, attracting new businesses, maintaining an abundance of employment opportunities, and offer top quality-of-life options that embrace a community where young professionals want to live and raise their families.


Environmental Integrity

Preserve Dubuque’s natural and historic resources by creating a more livable community with abundant opportunities for a healthy lifestyle through exceptional living environments (homes, neighborhoods and community) clean air and water and the use of alternative energy sources.


Social and Cultural Vibrancy

Promote and become an inclusive community in which all feel welcome. Residents are involved in their neighborhood and have opportunities to experience arts and culture.  Public health provides equitable and fair services.  Positive cultural values foster respect between cultures and races.


Planned and Managed Growth

Guide growth to protect a strong, vibrant, residential/central business core providing a thriving mixed use downtown, safe and healthy neighborhoods, increased visual appeal throughout the city, and quality services to the entire community.


Partnering for a Better Dubuque

From economic and workforce development to support for families and children, public safety, housing, historic preservation and art initiatives — partnerships create a sustainable city while furthering resident engagement.



Improved Connectivity

Provide improved flow throughout the city by all users. Reduce congestion, improve conditions, further connectivity of streets, trails and bikeways, eliminate obstructions, improve visibility and increase commercial air service.