As tiered and multi-dimensional as our City’s topography, so too shall be this plan.  

The goals we aim to hit are lengthy and robust, informed by the past and led by the future. Our City has come such a long way. From grassroots neighborhood planning and preservation/restoration of the Millwork District, to Riverfront enhancements and supporting community activism on all levels… Dubuque’s lengthy lineup of past planning efforts together serve as the base on which Imagine Dubuque will take form. View project news posted as part of Imagine Dubuque and visit the Events page to see highlights from the community outreach activities.


Dubuque’s history is one worth noting. The City has come a long way over the years — venture back in time through to present day via a timeline of major milestones.

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View a chronological rundown of project posts and announcements as they were posted! From updates on the planning process to summaries of events, the News page is a great way to understand the community-led efforts that went into Imagine Dubuque.

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