Focus Group with Seniors at Hills & Dales Community Center

Seniors Focus Group
Hills & Dales Community Center
Imagine Dubuque Group Discussion
October 25, 2016


From creative campus-style senior housing to opportunities to bring seniors and kids together, sharp ideas were flowing at the Imagine Dubuque Senior Workshop held on October 25th from 12:30 to 1:30pm at the Hills & Dales Community Center.

Conversation Takeaways + Highlights

More Community Centers

  • Integrate kids with seniors, “We love seeing the babies and kids here.”
  • Great food is a major plus
  • Integrated activities, “Halloween parade, etc. wherein the different age groups and need levels interact is very nice.”
  • Ruby Sutton Multicultural Family Center is a plus
  • Health care services are sufficient

More Housing Types for Seniors

  • A creative, campus-style approach, “Something where all the houses face into a centrally shared patio space.”
  • There are waiting lists at almost all of the existing senior apartments.
  • More single-family homes that cater to seniors (ADA accessible, single-level or ground floor amenities including washer/dryer)
  • Housing that caters to senior couples with varying needs is of growing importance
  • Meals-to-go offers greater flexibility

Better selection of sit down restaurants

  • Panera-style restaurants are great, but too much work to get your food
  • More buffets
  • Tony Roma’s and Houlihan’s is a plus

Transportation + Public Works

  • Chavenelle Road is very rough – should be repaved
  • The alleys are in better shape than the roads
  • Need better sound barrier along Route 20 for the residents living alongside there
  • Have to be familiar with one-ways downtown (i.e. turning across thru lanes of traffic can be a problem)
  • Maintain City flowerbeds near Port of Dubuque
  • The detention basin near 32nd Street is overgrown


  • Eagle Point Park band shell needs new seating, and overall park could use enhancement
  • Volunteers or workers’ program could improve the parks
  • Heritage Trail is popular among young people


  • Arboretum is fantastic, Japanese Garden is a nice escape
  • 4th Street Elevator
  • The Hills & Dales Community Center
  • Riverfront / Museum
  • Casino
  • Shot Tower
  • Lock and Dam #11
  • Derby Grange Golf and Recreation
  • Beecher’s Ice Cream


  • Area around Jackson Park needs to be safer, “I don’t shop at the grocery store over there after 3pm.”
  • Seniors can be looked at as targets so safety is important


  • Need to attract more businesses / manufacturing jobs
  • Need the type of jobs that will bring younger couples to Dubuque


  • We need to see things before we buy them
  • We don’t shop online
  • Kennedy mall is just o.k.
  • Prefer Kohl’s in Asbury Plaza Shopping Center
  • Shop in St. Cloud, MN, Madison, Wi, Davenport, IA
  • Grocery needed in Washington neighborhood

Buildings for Adaptive Reuse

  • Old bowling alley on Finger Street
  • Old publishing building
  • H&W Motor Plant on Jackson (the roof fell in)

Dubuque’s Biggest Asset

  • Friendly
  • Perfect place to live and raise a family
  • Beautiful
  • Investment in the arts

Dubuque’s Biggest Change

  • Riverfront
  • 2nd Street Bridge
  • Streets are better than before

Dubuque’s Biggest Challenge

  • Race and bullying
  • Better paying jobs to keep younger generation here

Those with Special Needs

  • Biggest challenge is overwhelmingly transportation for those who can live independently
  • Jobs offered to those with special needs at Papa John’s, Texas Roadhouse, grocery bagging, recycling center


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