Let’s Do This!

Remember Imagine Dubuque? Imagine, we did. Now is the time for ACTION!

Join us as we come together to make Imagine Dubuque, our City’s Comprehensive Plan, a reality! Over 6,000 people gave input to develop the plan, and the community is implementing YOUR recommendations. Get involved today! What are you or your organization doing? What actions are underway? What efforts are you passionate about? How would you like to get involved? Tell us by clicking the button below.



News: Dubuque Blooms in June! – Click Here

Imagine Dubuque Kick-Start Events and All-American City Designation, all in one month!

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Action Toolkit

Start spreading the good word to your colleagues, neighbors, and friends to be part of the action! Download and use the materials below to get involved and inspire others in your community, neighborhood, and organization to do the same. Learn about great projects already underway by watching the kick-start video and via the 2018 Year in Review.

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Executive Summary

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Conversation Menu

Spark conversation about Imagine Dubuque actions and passion projects! Use this Conversation Menu, Executive Summary, and Facilitators Guide to inspire discussion, record efforts and actions underway, and sign-up for project categories to get involved with. 

Instructions: For effective discussion, the Conversation Menu must be paired with the Executive Summary; please print both and pass out to each individual. Facilitators (those leading the discussion) should download, print, and review the Facilitators Guide. Please email completed forms to colson@cityofdubuque.org or mail paper copies to:

City of Dubuque  |  Attn: Chris Happ Olson  |  50 W 13th Street  |  Dubuque, IA 52001


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Social Media Post Guide

[Click to Download]

Sharing is caring! Please copy and paste the sample social media posts contained here and images in the gallery below to help get the word out on Instagram, Facebook, and other online avenues.

Instructions: Right click and save the images below for posting on social media. Click here to copy sample social media text for posting with your image of choice.



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Marketing Posters

[Click to Download]

Instructions: Print and post around town, in your place of work, at local coffee houses, and elsewhere to help promote and build awareness!



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June Kick-Start Events

Big thanks to everyone who joined us to take part in our series of Kick-Start Events in June! We are only getting started, so please stay tuned for more opportunities to connect in-person. Click here to view a list of events to date.



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